Blue Dragon Marijuana

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THC: 18%

CBD: 0.4%

EFFECTS…Euphoria,Giggly,Happy,Relaxed,Tingly and Uplifting

CURES…Anxiety,Depression,Eye Pressure,Headaches,Insomnia,Nausea,Pain and Stress



Blue Dragon Marijuana is an uplifting Hybrid strain famous for its euphoric, all-over body high and calming medicinal properties. Blue Dragon. Produced by crossing Blueberry using Sour Diesel, this heavy-hitting breed is equal parts sweet and earthy. A dragon that will be your very best buddy if you are able to tame it.

This really is a sweet, fruity Hybrid strain used for disposition lifting and comfort. It can help treat stress and anxiety.

Lab Tested Results Blue Dragon Marijuana:

THC: 18 percent

CBD: 0.4percent

Blue Dragon Marijuana EXPERIENCE

It’s a cross between Indica Blueberry and Sativa Sour Diesel cannabis breeds.

Due to its powerful effects, it is not recommended for novices or first-time customers.

This herb is excellent for both recreational and medicinal night use, as it’s sedative properties which help to alleviate anxiety, stress, pain, and sleeplessness.

Round and compact, these buds are covered with thick orange white and tan crystals.

It smells fruity and sweet, with dominant notes of its own Blueberry namesake coming through. The taste is sweet with a robust earthy undertone from its Sour Diesel breed that’s very present in its smoke.

Medical Benefits of Blue Dragon Marijuana

This strain well balanced consequences make it an effective cure for a number of medical conditions and ailments.

Blue Dragon Marijuana patients use this blossom to find relief from nausea and pain

People who have mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression or insomnia use Blue Dragon because of its relaxing and uplifting properties, and to relieve stress and sleeplessness

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