Afghan Haze

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THC : 20%

CBD:  0.5%

EFFECTS…Euphoria,Happy,Creative,Sleepy,Relaxed,and Uplifting

CURES…Depression,Fatigue,Anxiety,Headaches,Nausea,Pain and Stress



Afghan Haze is a Sativa-dominant breed that offers an excellent dose of mental energy together with a mellow body and some pain relieving properties. In other words, it does exactly what good Hybrids should: it symbolizes the top of both species. Although not the most aromatic breed, it will have a sweet and earthy odor that many enthusiasts find agreeable.

Lab Tested Outcomes:
THC: 20%

CBD: 0.5%

The title of Afghan Haze might give you the image of a contemplative day walk in the desert, and this powerful marijuana could just set you in that state of mind. It is a 60-40 Sativa-dominant Hybrid which will please fans with a mixture of airy cerebral effects and numbing bodily comfort.

With an average of 19-21% THC, it is quite powerful, if not freakishly so. Novice smokers should definitely handle this cannabis with care.

Consumers smoking this weed will first undergo a pleasant, clear headrush, complete with spiraling ideas and a sense of energy. Since the high proceeds, a trademark cannabis relaxation orbits, marked with a warm, comfy body .

Based upon the smoker’s mood, this cannabis is going to result in a creative, comfortable frame of mind or heavy sleep.

Afghan Haze has an unconventional odor that reminds users of all types of things. Many people report that the odor of tea, others say it smells like beige, and still others notice that a floral sweetness.

No matter most find it to be a highly pleasant odor, which translates into a heady, fairly smooth smoke. The buds themselves are somewhat less uncommon: forest green, amber trichomes, moderately sticky.

This blossoms’ combination of cerebral and body effects may make it a very effective remedy for a number of ailments.

This herb Makes a level of pain relief That’s unusual to get a Sativa-dominant breed and may be useful for those with mild-to-chronic aches

Energetic uplift could be helpful for patients suffering from mild depression in Addition to other mood Problems

Sedative effects are present with this medical marijuana strain and could be helpful for insomnia, although these effects are not as powerful as those located in Indica dominants

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